SORIGÉN ® Shampoo 250 ml

VAT included

Shampoo for hair with a tendency to psoriasis or other scaly processes for men and women.

250 ml packaging for external topical use


Shampoo for hair and scalp hygiene with a tendency to present psoriasis or other scaly processes in women and men.

Specific properties:

  • It promotes the health and care of psoriatic skin thanks to the Calaguala plant extract. It improves skin protection achieving a visible improvement in the condition of the scalp and reducing the flaking process.

  • It relieves discomfort and itching due to its Lanolin content that provides softening properties.

  • Antibacterial properties thanks to Cetrimide to maintain a healthy scalp.

  • It reduces and regulates the production of excessive sebum on the scalp thanks to its content in Undelene and Cetrimide.

C.N. 234807.3
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Apply it to damp hair. Perform a gentle massage until the formation of a foam is sufficient to lather all the hair. Insist the massage in the area of ​​the scalp since it is where the active ingredients act. Rinse with plenty of water.

Active ingredients: Calaguala, Cetrimide, Lanolin and Undelene.

Physiological pH. Paraben, silicone or colorants free. Dermatologically tested.

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