ASPOL® Folic Acid 50 capsules

Treatment in capsules for the contribution of 10 mg of Folic Acid /capsule. Indicated for adults, under medical prescription, in cases of folic acid deficiency and for supplementation during pregnancy.

Package of 50 capsules


Folic Acid ASPOL® is a treatment for folic acid supplementation. Indicated for the treatment of folic acid deficiency or for supplementation during pregnancy.

Indicated for adults, under medical prescription, in cases of:

  • Iatrogenic folic acid deficiencies due to prolonged administration of pharmacological treatments.

  • Treatment of disorders with folic acid deficiency:

  • Megaloblastic anemias

  • Chronic alcoholism

  • Hepatic cirrhosis

  • Intestinal malabsorption syndromes (congenital, celiac disease, ethanol-induced, intestinal mucosa abnormalities, tropical and non-tropical sprue, Crohn's disease, surgical resection)

  • Congenital disorders of folate metabolism.

  • Prevention and treatment of folic acid deficiency in pregnant women.

The dosage should be adjusted according to medical criteria. The capsules should be taken whole with enough amount of water in a single daily intake. It can be taken with or without the presence of food in the stomach.

Active ingredient / capsule: 10 mg of Folic Acid.

Gluten free

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