INTERMUCOL® 12 oral solution sticks

Symptomatic relief of upper respiratory disorders associated with excessive production of mucous secretion in catarrhal, flu or common cold processes. Indicated for adults and children from 12 years.

Package of 12 sticks of oral solution


INTERMUCOL® Oral Solution Sticks offer the treatment for excess mucus and phlegm that appear during the common cold and catarrhal and flu processes for adults and children from 12 years of age. Therefore, it is especially indicated to relieve productive cough or accompanied by expectoration.

  • It reduces the formation of mucus and phlegm

  • Mucolytic and expectorant action

  • It prevents the accumulation of secretions from the upper respiratory tract

Take 1 stick accompanied with or without drinking water every 8 hours (3 sachets a day). Do not exceed the maximum recommended dose. Frequent drinking of water throughout the day is recommended to promote fluidization and elimination of mucus.

Active ingredient: Carbocysteine.

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