ASPOLVIT® Slim Draining Detox 60 capsules

VAT included

Food supplement in capsules to help eliminate fluid retention and offer a detoxifying effect. Daily intake for men and women is recommended.

60 capsules packaging

ASPOLVIT® Slim Draining Detox is a food supplement that promotes the elimination of retained fluids and helps purify the body by promoting the elimination of toxins. It provides a detoxifying effect on the body.

Indicated for people with a tendency to fluid retention, poor circulation and / or heavy legs. Recommended its previous use and as an adjunct in weight loss diets.

C.N. 170363.7
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Active Ingredients: Standardized Vegetable Extracts of Horsetail, Dandelion, Java Tea (Ortosifón) and Artichoke.

Gluten and lactose free.

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