Primacol ® Plus 30 capsules

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Primacol ® Plus is a food supplement that contributes to the maintenance of normal colesterol and triglyceride blood levels.

30 vegetable capsules packaging

Primacol ® Plus is a food supplement that include AB-LIFE ® probiotics (3 strains of Lactobacillus plantarum) and 10 mg of Monacolin K. This formulation is exclusive: Primacol ® Plus is the only cholesterol-lowering food supplement that includes AB-LIFE® Probiotics.

Primacol ® Plus has clinical studies that Support its efficacy and safety:

  • It contributes to reduce total cholesterol levels

  • It contributes to reduce LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol)

  • It helps increase HDL cholesterol levels (protective or good cholesterol)

  • It reduces the cholesterol absorption from food and diet thanks to AB-LIFE ® Probiotics. There is no other active ingredient that helps with that.

  • It reduces cardiovascular inflammation reducing coronary risk

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Take one capsule a day, preferably in the morning. Its 30 capsule packaging is enough for 1 month treatment.

Active ingredients: AB-LIFE® Probiotics and 10 mg Monacolin K.

Gluten and lactose free. Vegetable capsules suitable for vegans.

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