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PRIMACOL® Fólico 30 capsules
Price €14.03

Food supplement that includes the main nutrients to ensure the well-being of the fetus and the mother during preconception, pregnancy and lactation. Suitable fort pregnant and lactating women.

30 vegetable capsules packaging

Price €25.30

Double action food supplement: it acts as a fat-absorber and as a fat-burner. Its double action allows to reduce the absorption of fats by the body and also contributes to the elimination and burning of fat from the body. Helps reduce appetite before main meals.

60 capsules packaging

FORBALD® Anti-hair loss...
Price €15.73

Intensive anti-hair loss action shampoo for the treatment of hair loss in women and men. It provides volume and shine from the first wash. It is recommended to use it simultaneously with the rest of the FORBALD® Anti-Hair Loss Products to obtain better results.

250 ml container for topical use